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Apr 03 2020
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OS-Revolution a new rsps of 2020! Designed with you in mind.

We strive to be the most dedicated to our players and to our content.

It is our goal to make a server that will not only last, but also be enjoyable between each player. 

Whichever you may be whether it's pker, pvmer, skiller etc. We encourage you JOIN US and lend a hand in the development of our server. Give your ideas, suggest what you think will improve the server. 

We are only as great as our community! We want you!

OS-Revolution not only has OSRS-items, & bosses ; We also have a wide variety of other features. 

We have LOADS planned for the future however right now we are close to releasing a

 BETA client for further push to full release! See some of our features and media below!


 Skilling-XP-Rates:
To better serve the server and our players we have also ran multiple xp rate testing sessions to better improve the amount of xp you recieve in our skilling activites. We are also still adjusting this to perfection. Please let us know what you think for better improvement.

 XP-Lamps:
So we have recieved and experienced on multiple occasions xp lamps with in the server give either a large amount of xp, or max amount of xp in a certain skill. After exstensive testing we have adjusted the xp lamps to give a very respected amount of xp in skills all round. We expect feedback on this.

 Farmer-Pick-Pocketing:
As part of the thieving teleport update we have also added the option to be able to pick pocket Farmers! You can now not only thieve and level through stalls but now npc's. It is a small but much need improvement.

 Ingame-AFK:
So we have addressed and looked into the amount of time spent in-game by each player and with this we have added a set system that will auto log a player regardless of they're rank based on the amount of time they have spent afk. There are obviously other ways to afk and we are also looking this as well.

 Tavelry-Dungeon_Npc:
So as reported we have been experiencing npc's with in the taverly Dungeon that seem to not be attackable. We have since fixed this issue and you will now be able to attack athe npc with in this region.

 Ironman-Content:
Suggested by [email protected]
Our very own staff member and community player came up with the idea to give Ironman+ special access to an area where they will have exclusive access to lava dragons. Ironman Content is very straight forward so to implement this is certainly a pleasure. We encourage our members to suggest new ideas! As you can see we always listen and if good enough will always work with you on your ideas to improve our community! Thank you Hooligan!

 New-Temporary-Slayer-Area:
We know easy access to slayer master's is essential for everyone. Given that we have made a new area where all slayer master's can be found. We have added it temporarily though because we will be adding areas for each slayer master!

Ironman Zone Preview

Edgeville Map

Donator Zone

FunPk Map

New TEMP Slayer Area

 Organized-Home:
We've changed and organized each npc at home location for better player to NPC interaction. Suggested by Frogger  Thank you Frogger

 Npc-Editing:
In addition to the home organization we have chosen to change certain names of NPCs. For example the clue scroll NPC named "Watson" is now renamed "Cluescroll Master" small edits always make a difference. Also in this editing we have added NPC examine info. Colors for names/descriptions have been changed/added as well.

 Click-Options:
Certain NPCs through out the home area have had click issues. For example the Melee Tutor (Now name Combat Shop) had upon first click no action. However if right clicked and chosen the option to trade it would open shop interface. This has been fixed for many NPC where the first click is to trade/option shop if the NPC has no dialogue. 

 Home-objects:
Certain objects have been added to home for better access to the player. These objects are Starter keys chest, Well of Goodwill, and Ckey Chest. 

 Changed-Edgeville-Map:
We moved the dungeon trap door position, as well as all uneeded npc's. This also includes a COMPLETE redo of the edgeville area. The new layout and design will give us a better chance at adding content in times to come.

 Donator-Zone:
Created new Donator area for those that choose to donate to support the server. The new donator area will have certain features just for Donators that buy bonds for 30 days of membership. Features in the zone are being added. For example the access to certain advantages such as stalls & or npc's (Bosses)

- As many of you know, the home area in which we had originally started out with was in Edgeville. Because of this many features for Os-Revolution such as Slayer Masters were found in the Edgeville location. These NPC's have now been moved to the Current Home. Just run right inside the castle heading north of the big uneccesary pillar in the middle of the home map and there you will find your favorite fiends.

- XP Rates have been Adjusted to slow gameplay and allow the FULL Os-Revolution experience! Don't worry though, you can be expecting some double XP events, items, and weekends coming up here in the near future!
- We have optimized our game. Lag spikes & some known server crashing bugs have been resolved.

- The official CLient has been developed! We also have impliment / fixed the Cache updating system. The BETA Launcher has been developed and is ready for Download upon BETA Release.
- The Forum has been relaunched and is ready for member sign up. If you previously had a Forum account with us you will need to register your account again. We have also began Development on the Home Page / Landing Site. 

Removed a majority of items, and organized shop:
Items that are able to be obtained through pvm/achievements etc are removed from combat shop, range shop, and magic. This will come into play once more further down the line

-Items that can be leveled to obtain and obtained via pvm were removed from ranged
shop. Prices were also reviewed to ensure player to shop proficiency. This again will
evolve as the server does.
-Main change with the magic shop, We removed all rune. Also reviewed/changed prices

-Added ::Twitter command allowing players to load our page from in-game.
This will come in handy for everyone when we begin our giveaways involving our
social medias.

-Added the following achievements to easy, medium, and hard difficulty:
Easy (Cow Killer, Chaos Druids) 

-There is content coming in regards to fun pk.
Media will be shown in #server-media soon.

 Home Area
-We have moved all npc's that are required for everyday gameplay
to the new home area. They're placed based on common use.