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Server Status
May 16 2020
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Customised OS317 Server that is hosted 24/7 to ensure you can play at any time!

The server is still in development, so call this a BETA mode for now and please do log any issues you find whilst you play.

The first 10 players to log in will receive free membership.

No donations are required for our game, all items can be purchased or found in-game. Only a small donation of $3 is required to go towards running costs (hosting).

The following features can be found within OS Rock:

·        Custom home area; with access to all you need for skilling purposes

·        Sell your items to shops but at a loss; the player economy is much more profitable!

·        Training portal; with your choice of dragons, rock crabs or monkey island to choose from

·        Slayer Tower full of creatures with some top-notch drops!

·        Customised bosses including General Graardor, Chaos Elemental & KBD - with more still in development

·        Fully functioning forums with player guides

·        Hi-scores… so you can be the best there ever was!

·        More custom developments to come… watch this space

See below for some pictures in-game:


Slaying Dark Beasts, which drop dragon boots, Saradomin swords and dark bows!


Membership only cave which holds a number of high powered monsters - with more mods to come…


Barrows – where the items drop directly from the NPCs… you must slay 100 dragons to get here (you’ll probably need the bones to get your prayer up!)


Skilling area for your mining, thieving and cooking needs… accessible from the west home portal!


Killing the Chaos Elemental!


Training on Bob’s Island…


Killing Dad, east of Home, for magic boxes and Ranger boots!