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Astoria RSPS

Revision: 317
Server Status
Nov 23 2020
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Astoria 317 is a free to play server that is still in beta but packed with tons of unique content. The server is constantly being updated by dedicated developers.

Are you tired of boring servers, with same content? Well Astoria is here and we offer over 1000+ custom models never seen before!

Obtainable Tier system based gear through grind.

We currently have 4 Beginner PVM zones for the Tiers 1 to 8 to get started and a training island to slay a Multi Beast.

As you advance through the Tiers, you will be able to access the Advanced PVM Zones.

The advance PVM currently houses 4 additional zones.

Join us today to explore for yourselves.

Custom Home

Custom Designed Area's for Zones/Raids

Custom Pokemon Raids

Random dropped Loot Boxes

Weekly updates by our developers

We focus to make an good experience for F2P

AFK Skilling is a thing!

Max level of 120 on all skills

Traing Dungeoneering while doing our Raids!

Active Staff members

All skills functional and working

Custom skills coded

Pets obtainable through Advanced PVM

Custom start gear for Ironman Players

Custom start gear for Regular players

Additional Droprate on Items and Pets

Up 24/7

Dicing and gambling zones

Daily achievements that resets

Easy, Med and Hard achievement task with rewards

World Bosses where you can grab together the whole server to mass kill a World Boss to get some massive chance to get nice loot

Every 6 hours there's a X2 Skill XP event where a random Skill gets picked from the list

Custom designed Interfaces

Custom Drop Previewer

Custom Instanced system

Custom World Boss Status Checker interface

Custom World Boss Models

Just released new Tier 11 and Tier 13 NPC's which will drop certain items.

For now, the Infernal Groudon will drop an Infernal variaty of items which will have the Tier 11 item stats

Custom Slayer training with a mixture between OSRS and Customs with 3 working Floors

Custom Skilling items as Orecrusher, Seedcrusher and Lava Woodcutting Gloves

Unique Battle pet system with custom combat scripts for Battle pets.