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Aug 27 2019
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Cypher is brand new rsps server with so much content You will not have not seen before!

We have content for all kinds of player style lovers, doesn't matter if You are skiller, pker or pvmer.

We offer you

  • Monster teleports like Rune dragons, Hydras, Catacombs
  • Minigames like Raids, Custom Raids, fully added Inferno and Fight caves
  • Bosses like Vorkath, Zulrah, Corporeal beast and random World bosses
  • PK Active spots like Revenant cave, Mage arena and more
  • Skilling areas Lands End, Wilderness Resource area
  • Wide City list with Diaries

Items like

  • Infernal box, Raid box, Infernal chest and more
  • 50+ Custom pets like Hydra pet, Wyrm pet (glowing), Vanguard pet
  • Custom bows like Zilyana's longbow, Zaryte bow, Twisted crossbow, Twisted bow
  • Custom weapons like Barrows sword, Kril's sword and Dominion sword, Rapier
  • Armour like KBD set, Swift set, Justiciar and Obsidian
  • Custom glowing party hats, shields, capes and items with perks

-Looking for staff team

-Different Game modes

-Daily rewards

-Hourly rewards

-Unique Starter kit

-Custom home area

Download here

Join our discord here