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Frequently Asked Questions

Our toplist is limited to 1 vote per 12 hours, per person.

Absolutely! You may post your server for free! Premium and advertisements are optional, and are a means to help pay the server bill, and hiring anyone if needed, upgrade costs, etc.

The more votes your server receives, the closer to the top of the list you will be.

First you must login using your Discord account. Then from the homepage, click "Add Server" just above the server listing. Please note, that if you leave your website url blank, it will not be visible on our toplist. This is a way to hide/show your listing without an additional setting.

Your rank will become lower (higher up on the list, as a lower number is better) when you receive more votes. To get more votes, you should have a vote script setup to redirect to our toplist. For more information on how to create a callback or set it up, see our documentation.

Each server may have a banner, but only premium members may use an animated banner. There are some restrictions though, such as width and height, and file size. For more on these, see your account panel and click edit on your server.

You can delete your server by clicking on your name in the top right to view your account information. Next to the desired server, click delete. But be warned, this operation can not be reversed and there is no backup. Once you delete it, it's gone.